Inaguration Day

21 Jan

Right now, watching the commander in chief dance ball! Michelle looks great 🙂
It was a great day, I admit he is our first African American president.

Have you checked out the White House’s website, it changed today at 12PM when Obama official came the new president, it looks much like his campaign website!!!

You can even sign up for email updates! Yeah, directly from the president, from the White House, it is cool!

The website is cool, easy navigation, and easy legibility!

There is a youth dance ball and Kanye West is in it! Funny and cool.

I think the website will help complete their goal,
“ will be a central part of
President Obama’s pledge to make his
the most transparent and accountable
administration in American history. “

Although I don’t like Obama the country did select him as president and I support him, which also means I will be watching his decisions and speaking out when I must.

I think that is the mentality other people that don’t like him should have and not be seperated from the rest of the country but be part yet not “give in.”

Hope he does good!!!
~ Smiley

Check out the White House’s website,

What goes through you mind?

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