9 Jul

Back to blogging, posting consecutively…

Today I was going to school, needed some forms signed by school official, I called school and was told, the officials would be back on Monday.
I was driving back home, on Las Milpas road, when I saw a fire, it was in the open fields, it crossed my mind that it might be a controlled fire, common in open field areas. Well it was to close to home so I thought it was dangerous, and there was no people supervising the fire, I parked on the roadside, and called 911!!! The second occasion I have called 911, reported the fire, yet the fire had also been reported which was good. I still felt accomplished:)
I visited the movie theater today saw Drag me to Hell, it was actually funny, in the row before me there was this individual who would laugh hysterically throughout the movie, he actually made me laugh, spread the laughter, ja ja ja. The movie was pretty stupid lol.
The monitor just posted an article about the fire which i though was cool:) link.

Have you heard about the bottle water report, link.
Suggesting it might actually be a worse choice than tap water, which they say is usually better. Yet I think as consumers we don’t select tap water over bottled water for the contents, we trust that bottled water is safe. Though many times origins and contents of water is no addressed in labels, yer lawmaker now want to change that. I think as consumer we select bottled water because it is readily available in most places and easily transportable unlike tap water. Yet if one would really like to save on purchasing bottled water we could just bottle tap water, by buying a bottle to carry water on it.

I was shocked this afternoon when a security report was released by the federal government, it demonstrated a faltered security. Ten federal buildings security was tested and performed bad, building were not disclosed for security. The report talked about a security officer who actually was asleep during his shift and another own who was practicing with his gun in the restroom and actually shot the mirror in the restroom! what a dumbass, lol. It also reported an incident which i think was foolish, in which a baby was passed through and Xray machine, as if the baby were an
object, not a living person, exposing the baby to harmful Xreay. Just comes to show how much we have not improved in that, now more money is going to be used to training these people against a suggestion from the report. link

What goes through you mind?

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