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10 Jul

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Songs I have been listening to a lot. ABC 123 is cool, enjoy the rhythm, and reminds me of my childhood.

Unfortunate Science is cool just because it has the word science in it, and me being the science nerd and the lyrics are good to.

Currently reading, Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare, it’s been enjoyable, not like the first Shakespeare I read, it was my first time in eighth grade, Romeo and Juliet, more accustomed to the vocabulary, still have a dictionary beside me, lol.

Worked this evening, it’s been pleasant, less stressful with the helping hand of the Workforce team. Workforce which is a state program that helps individual fin a job and training them for it. Out store got like 10 individuals, they have really helped a lot, with the mess that is left behind and it is good that they are going to be working during the back to school season, it is going to get chaotic. I been working on the register, need to get apps…

State of Texas under “power watch.” With the hot temperature in the valley, energy consumption has grown, with everyone trying to keep cool this summer. Electricity companies are suggesting everyone to try to conserve energy, or I think we could have power outages which would be terrible if it happened on a hot day, which it probably would. link

It was very cool to find out that the city of McAllen is on of the only sities that is has positive numbers of businesses moving in and making money!

Recent census numbers show that McAllen has grown by 20 percent since the year 2000.

Which is cool because we teens will find more stuff to do on weekend 😉 link

LG, electronics giant, is expanding production in reynosa, bringing about 1,200 new jobs into that area, that is very cool helping the economy just south of the border, where it is definitely needed and appreciated. LG’s transition represent a recent trend of manufactures to take production to Mexico because of the recession. to cut cost and produce products closer to North America. 15
companies have in recent months have indicated that they want to move production to Reynosa, names are not being given as deals have not been finalized, jobs that would help onset the 5.3 percent decline in the state of Tamaulipas. link

El Nino, La nina; a huge chunk of the world is either in one of three states, in-between being the last one. These meteorological phenomenon denotes a significant change in ocean surface water temperatures. El nino is bringing beneficial rains to the west, lack thereof summer fires, while the most direct impact to us is reducing significantly the chance of hurricane formation in the gulf of Mexico. In the short haul it means lower
chance of rain here in the valley but in the long haul increases the change for a wetter winter, snow???
El nino period in the US should end by spring of ’10

What goes through you mind?

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