Last weekend…

14 Jul

Went to see Transformers this last Friday. I really was not into it, never saw the first one, I though it would not be good, I it was about cars that turned into robots, I though the ‘transformation’ would not be credible.
So I went to the 2:40 showing, played at the arcade games before… headed to the screening room about 20 minutes before it started.

I understood what was going on in the movie, without haven’t seeing the first one so I was happy, and the transformation were AMAZING after all a great job by the production. The script was good too.
I like deseptacons, the name sounds cool, better than autopbots, in my opinion. Yesterday I actually bought a veggie burger from BK during my lunch hour at work, there is a sweepstakes on the cups, it was a scratch thing, you could either scratch the deceptacons or the autobot symbol, I went for the cooler one, the deceptacons, I won a free whopper, I felt happy, hey, I at least won!!!
You should definitely check it out.

I had a weird incident on Saturday I hit my head HARD on the edge of a table… I laughed first with my brothers, it was like silly, but then I realized i had choked up it was that painful and suddenly I just started crying uncontrollably it continued for some minutes, I could not talk, it just hurt so much, until my mom got me some ice, which helped. Now I have some form of scar, I don’t know if I should go to the doctor, maybe I damaged my skull or brain…

Forgot whatever else happened lol, July 15, 2009

What goes through you mind?

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