22 Jul

During today’s quarterly earnings, Apples CFO, focuse lot of the attention on what it calls “pocket products.” The breakdonw shoed an increase of sells of iTouch/iPhones of about 600%.
Apples ipods have cannibalized over the MP3 market, taking about 70%. That talk about the mp3 players was almost like eulogy and for good reasons as the sells of the anon and shuffle have decreased and their is no updates to its hardware based in the vicinity. Any reduction of prices or addiction of a camera, which might lift a a bit, would just put a bandage on the wound. Eventually the “touch” will be the new ipod. It prices will still have to be reduced until we see the old-fashioned ipods go away. Technology and expectations evolve soon carrying around a device the plays music will just be pointless.
In a totally different subject, astronomy, there has been a comet impact near the south pole of Jupiter. It was spotted by an Australian amateur astronomer, Anthony Wesley of Murrumbateman, which caused a Earth sized gauge on the planer. The impact scar was only the second time astronomers have observed the aftermath of an object hitting Jupiter. Fifteen years ago, the planet was bombarded by pieces of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

Attended driver ed this morning and went to the doctor afterwords as i has started feelin bad and having flu like symptoms, second time this year, aparently just had an infection, just got some antibiotics.
Tomorrow will be busy, need to get a new card from the bank, lost my walletXD Need to pay my cell bill, attend drivers ed and do some back to school shopping…

What goes through you mind?

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