Heat and Sweat

5 Aug

Sweating it off lol, the A/C at my house has stopped working and there is no one that will come to fix it at night… It is super hot, only go one window and their is no wind to day, it is 89F in my room, it’s cooler outside!!! Hopefully we can get someone to fix our A/C tomorrow… we had called a person today, but they never got here…
Currently we put one of these in the living room, had stored it, luckily, everyone who wants to be cool is sleeping over in the living room, lol, I am still blogging, heat does not bother me as much, just done let it get to me, like one of my brothers.
Started reading Hamlet today still need to read Ender’s game and finish Taming of the shrew, need to finish them all and get the movie, the last starfighter; all part of my summer reading.

I had some shoe boxes with correspondence I have received from universities in the last two year, I sort it out to day by letter and the size of the mail, some is nine by eleven, and other is normal letter sized mail.
I did it so it could help in my selection of my top 10 school choices, MIT been in the top 3. Will have to perform some research on the job outlook for some career choices I have, and which I need to decide upon very soon, will also consider how much each career would get me…
Need to work on some designs for class shirts, any suggestions???
Went to work today it went pretty well, was in the register, like it more than being in the floor. Got no apps:(
Cleaned my room yesterday, it looks so tidy today, will try to keep it like that as long as I can.
Read that Panasonic Co, is moving their division headquarters to McAllen, from Knoxsville, Tenn. Although they won’t bring many jobs as the comp. itself has been affected by the recession. Job cuts now have the number of employees at 80 from 725 in 2002. It’s cool that more national companies are being interested by McAllen!!!

I was intrigued about a “virgin” town in India that has 4 times the aveage of twins, there is no reason for it, it was weird. link
Quote of the day, selected by me and picture of the day will follow!!!
The greatest obstacle to discovering the shape of the earth, the continents and the ocean was not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge. ~Daniel J. Boorstin, The Discoverers
Evening sky and reflection on glass

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