Back to School, SENIOR YEAR

24 Aug

Well it is back to school for me, my last year, senior year. Didn’t get accomplished as much as I wanted to. Do look forward to senior year and I think it will be a great one!!!!

I worked on this last day of the summer got out at 3PM. Just wondering how it is going to go
down tomorrow, which courses will I be taking, where I should sit on the bus, and whether I will be tested on all summer reading tomorrow and I just learned that I was apparently supposed to
read and know the
constitution. Probably the last year I will rise the bus :/

Not ready to wake up so early I don’t think.
It was my youngest brothers birthday tomorrow it was very fun laughed a lot. Got the PS3 over the summer and bought rockband this past week it is very fun:) Now I want to cleane and organize my room and decide what to wear tommorow. I am excited to see my friends, g’ luck every1!

(Oh and this year I my bus will be only for my home school, we are not sharing anymore!!! I think that is great!!!)

What goes through you mind?

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