First Day

25 Aug

Just finished enrolling on the UT HW system for Physics and Cal1. Today was the first day of senior year it went well but it did not feel different, I think that will change as the year progresses. I did see most of my friends, one is not coming back 😦 I did like my schedule which change very little from the preliminary one I had seen in July, here it is with commentary;

ADAY (today)
Cal 1 AP/ D
Starting off good will be going over some necessary PreCal material

Art 2 AP- Studio Drawing- Mink
Class was to quite, making 24 quality works will be tough but I will try.

Civil Engineering and Architecture Coalson
The in troduction was cool, on a powerpoint, we will be doning cool project on sophisticated software revit and auto cad I am totally excited for the sourse, will do some landscaping and interior desing but will mostly concentrate on architecture and civil engeneering!!!

Physics B AP/ Wiley
Teacher already warned us a lot of work, fast paced, and difficult.

BDAY 8-25

English 4 AP/D

Adv. Journalism Yearbook

US Goverment

Engeneering Designe and Development

Our bus was cheap, the AC was dripping, I want our other bus which was the newest and had a lot os space.

I thought I was working today I went to work and saw the line up, I didn’t which was totally cool I can work on HW and rest, which I really need. Will be working on tues, tur, fri, sat.

What goes through you mind?

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