4 Jan

Good morning. I woke up this morning at 6.02am, the time at which my alarm goes off,I took my bath and got ready for school. I wasn’t sure if it was an aday or a bday so I texted some friends. I got a reply, there was no school My friend was not sure. I had to verify I went on my school to confirm. The break ended on January first and I had not seen the staff preparation symbol. After checking again I noticed the staff preparation, I still was not sure if that meant there was no school. I still went to the bus stop luckily there was but one person there. They did not know and I told them. Already did my noble deed of the day XD

I was actually looking forward to heading back to school, last semester in HS:(

I plan to do some college application work. Need to do some more preparation for my birthday party and maybe go out later this afternoon.

BTW happy new years fellow blogger and friend. I’ll try to blog againXD

What goes through you mind?

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