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7 Feb

Wal Mart
low wages… low moral...

If you love shopping at Wal-Mart then you love sweat shop labor
Check out, .

Third world is not the pirate, corporations are.

I was on myspace this afternoon when I noticed a bulletin with the title “Attn Walmart Shoppers”.

I was not a big fan of WalMart already and decided to check it out. As the page started the first video started playing, it was from Youtube and it was about Walmart, America’s favorite store;)
The interviewer, MarkDice. com, is a bit cocky but does get a point across, I don’t pay much attention to the DowJones. I do catch it move though currently just over 10,000. The whole purpose of the bulletin was to educate about the danger that corporation represent to everyone. How corporations have take control of a lot of aspect of out life.
I learned a lot after looking at the Hulu film completely (duration just over 2 hours). I hope you cant take a look at it, find some time available and learn something and help fight back corporations and what seems like a complete take over of our lives. Post some commentary on the blog or other sites )will be automatically be posted on myspace, facebook and twitter: I have all my website connected.

I went down the bulletin and some images related to the content

I liked the following one, humorous XD

The following is a interview with some supporters of Sarah Palin at a book signing somewhere. Humorous.
The following videos are the about the “slaves” of third world countries and conditions in which they work. We have it good here in America and some people still complain, not comparable to whet they have to suffer.
The first one talks about some sweatshops in which cloth for walmart is made… and other companies.
The next video is about the ship wrecking business in Bangladesh where people have to die to be able to live, check it out below.
Insert bellow
At least watch this movie below.

In the movie you hear mention of IBM and Adolph Hitler. Corporation, an externailty machines. Privatization of natural resources, the water air and land that are common.
Manipulation of Children. Subsidies. Branding and Perception Management. Genes and life forms as intellectual property. News corporations that distort news. Much much more… WATCH. WATCH. WATCH.

No to privatization, always.
Declare Independence from Corporate Rule.
Reflection. Indignation. Rebellion

Recommended reading:
The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawkens
The Corporation, the pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan

What goes through you mind?

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