The Blind Side

21 Mar

In less than 24 hours I’ll be back at school, waiting till the clock ticks zeros and my high school carrers come to an end.
I still haven’t though about it that much, just taking in what is happening right now:)

I just finished watching another movie; a great story about a family who takes in a kid that becomes part of their family.
I am reffering to The Blind Side off course, which is based on a true story.
Sandra Bullock’s performance in the the film got her Oscar for Best Actress and an Academy Award for Actress in a Leading Role

Even thought the family breaks society rules by taking in a colored kid they don’t let that stop them. People around them start talking but they’d don’t let that affect them.
The ‘mom’ is changed by his presence she feels happier because she is helping someone out. She really does it with wholeheartedly and with good intention.
She become more aware of the simple things in life, because that is all Michael had and taught her to enjoy. Michael starts playing football after he gets enough good grades and become very good at it. Football takes him a long way.
At some point in the movie she suggests to her husband that they should start a charity that helps kids like Michael. It is actually one of my goals to start a a charity myself. Over the years I have thought about it, deciding what problem I would like to help.

But for now I want to think about what I’ll do tomorrow, besides go to work in the afternoon.

PS Been dreaming a lot, something I can’t afford on school weeks. Some weird dreams to… Laters…

What goes through you mind?

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