21 Apr

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Part of being a senior is that in the end comes the decision of choosing a university.

To some it is easy and some it a more difficult decision. There are several factors to consider like cost, location, and.

Photo of Ismael Melendez, Jr.

For me it has become a kind of dilemma. I have seven options.

Central College, IA.

Loyola University, NO

Centenary College, NO.

Drew University, NJ.

Dallas University, TX.

University of New Mexico, NM.

DePaul University, IL.

I was waitlisted at Syracuse and Pratt.

Offices in Shoreditch by mad jeff

For the longest time I wanted to be an astrophysist. After some research into the field I was uncertain whether I really wanted to pursue that path and recently considered architecture. Architecture is a very attractive field of study because it combines different areas of study.

From the school I got accepted to, New Mexico and Centenary have an Architecture programs, both schools at which I was waitlisted have great arch. programs.

I am very dynamic when it comes to finding an field of study that interest me. I have also considered becoming a lawyer or a general physician. The national reply date is May 1. Time is running up and I will have to make a decision. I’ll let everyone know 🙂



from a Behance portfolio via popurls.com. uploaded by POGO

Final Thoughts

Anyone up for a monster cofee???

explored :P by [D A N G E R] <3

explored 😛
From [D A N G E R] ❤

Recent showers are supposed to stop and we will be enjoying sunny and warm temperatures. There is a lot of flowers expected, attention allergy sufferers.

~Fresh Art by Snapshotie48

~Fresh Art
From Snapshotie48

I have always enjoyed the the picture of moving light as follows

Twin by spiraldelight

y una mas…

dedicated to senior class of 2010:)

The Long Road by Dave G Kelly

Wonder, where is your road taking you???

The Long Road
From Dave G Kelly

Have a nice Wednesday…

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What goes through you mind?

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