US RoboCraft

23 Apr


The X-37, an unmanned miniature space shuttle, is set to launch Thursday night. Slowly, some details have begun to emerge about the mysterious Pentagon space plane.

Official gave no more information than the fact that the spacecraft had been launched.

Speaking after the launch, Air Force deputy under-secretary for space systems Gary Payton, admitted it was impossible to hid a space launch – but was cagey about the what exactly the X-37B would do.

There have already been accusations that the programme could lead to the 'weaponisation' of space.

News Headlines:
Potentially deadly fungus spreading in US, Canada... (the new H1N1 scare???)
'SOUTH PARK' censored after threat: 'Muhammad' now dirty word...
Food costs jump most in 26 years...
LIMBAUGH: A love of what America stands for... (The latest liberal meme is to equate skepticism of the Obama administration with a tendency toward violence.)

What goes through you mind?

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