Got Bacon?

29 Jun

the most convincing argument for atheism:)

The Best Argument For Atheism

It is a doctored photo fyi. Notice there is no shadow or legs lol. Very hilarious though:)

#hurricane #Alex the first one in the altantic ocaean will be arriving in the valley late wednesday evening.

list of closed gov’t agencies and schools…

Harry Potter is back.

Warber Bros has release a trailer for Harry Potter 7 just days before the twilight saga relese. Reminding us taht it is still coming and exciting our ever growing anticiaption.

“the finale of the world wide phenomenon”

“the motion picture event of a generation”

Potterfans are reminded the movie will be broken up into two films; the first being released in November 2010 and the second one in july 2011.

Both films are being directed by David Yates.


They Live: Vuvuzela Coming Soon, to a Sporting Event Near You

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Sepp Blatter’s World Cup Apology: Change of Heart or PR Pragmatism?

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check this animationout

What goes through you mind?

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