World. 24 Hours.

19 Jul

Capture A Glimpse of Your Life in Camera.

If you visited you might have run across the banner that annonces the ‘Life in a Day‘ worldwide project. In case you did not care to take a look at it let me tell you what it is about. Their is a independent film director who in partnership with LG and Sundance have come up with a very cool idea.

Director Kevin McDonald want to make a film unlike never has been made before which will be made up of videos submitted by people from the youtube community. Videos about our dail lives, anything.

The film will premeire in the Sundance festival next year (2011). It will also be available on  Youtube. You will get credited as co director and possible be one of the 20 chosen to be invited to the Sundance festibval premeire.

Their are also three question he would like to be answered seperately…

What is a fear you have?

What do you love?

What makes you laugh?

It is all supposed to be recorded in a 24 hour period on July 24, 2010. Then the videos should be submitted on that youtube channel(click submit tab on ‘LifeInADay’ channel), the deadline will be July 31. Happy Shooting.

For more info visit the the youtube channel, click here.

You Must First Invent The Universe

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