Chi chi chi Le le le

13 Oct

It is amazing the magnitude of the attention the 33 miners have attained. The whole world is transfixed to the latest updates.
The miners have been rescued at a rate of one rescue per approximately every 30 minutes.
It has been 69 long days. I am amazed at the organization of the miners inside. Rationing food and delegating tasks within the mine. The organization in the outside by the rescue team has also been amazing. What also impresses me is how many countries showed solidarity to the clean government and provided humanitarian and technical support
It will certainly be a story many will remember.
I believe it is coming to he big screen soon. If I recall correctly there is probably a book in the horizon. Truly this ordeal deserves to be read and showed.

Video of the first rescues that happens around midnight last night:

28 rescued, 5 to go:)
As of 6:07 central time.

What goes through you mind?

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