TZM Chapters

14 May

TZM chapters continue popping up in far reaches of the world, surpassing any expectation Joseph ever had. It’s undeniable that the ideas presented by TZM have a global appeal, helping quench a thirst for an alternative operating system of reality and satisfy the desire for a sustainable future. TZM is not a threat of any kind, though Joseph admits to having received plenty of death threats for challenging the status quo. Instead, it aims at being more of a wake-up call to the reality that if collective human thought and behavior continue to function solely as a self-serving financial mechanism, a social breakdown is imminent. Joseph, Wallace and fellow TZM members across the world know there will never be a religion or ideology that unites humanity. But critically thinking and sharing ideas about a sustainable future, as presented by TZM, has them believing that this may be the best shot the world has. To watch the Zeitgeist films, go to Or to read more about TZM, visit 

What goes through you mind?

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