OpBart Engaged

14 Aug
[Update 9:38PM Central
BART protest has ended. 
<Terminate tramsmission>
Thanks for the visit,look for more infrmation on news sites.]

Visit updated post: https://ismaelmelendez.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/opbart-protest-now/

Protest in San Francisco California starts in less than 15 minutes, world is watching. Share this information please:) Love you.

[Update 7:35pm central timeUstream feed is dead, watch here, http://missionlocal.org/2011/08/mission-locl-live/]

[Update 8:14pm central time usa] watch here to from local abc station: abc live feed here: http://abclocal.go.com/kgo​/livenow?id=8308260#&cmp=t​wi-kgo-video-8308260]


[Original Post Below]



Anonymous and the world hereby make the following demands:

1) We demand the prosecution of Officers Jay Cicinelli, Kenton Hampton, Manny Ramos, Joe Wolfe, James Blatney, and anyone else involved in the gruesome beating, torture, and murder of Kelly Thomas.

2) We demand the immediate resignation of the Chief of Police in Fullerton, California.

3) We demand that the City of Fullerton immediately pay a lump sum settlement of no less than 5 milliondollars to the legal survivors of Kelly Thomas.

Until these demands are met, you can expect two things. First your city will be the target of rolling street protests and occupations of public space.


Send out yoru emails to BART officials and express yourself about the death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of BARP police.

Speak out against the censorship to inhibit citizens right to protest that occurred on August 11, 2011;




Leak: http://www.djmash.at/release/users.html

First #OpBART deface: http://mybart.org/
Second deface in the name of #OpBART: http://t.co/fQPNICv
#OpBART #anonymous #infoleak

Learn how to send a message to BART youself here: http://bit.ly/mV1y4X
Source: https://twitter.com/#!/YourAno​nNews

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