Why do the Kochs want to end public education?

15 Aug
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Dear [Internet],

Our latest video connects the dots and reveals how the Koch brothers fight against public educationin every possible way.


Their efforts began in North Carolina where they funded an effort to resegregate schools in an award winning school district. Using the same language as Gov. George Wallace in the 60s, Koch-supported school board members attempted to make “segregation always” a policy for tens of thousands of families.


While David and Charles Koch drink down the high life, they are causing tens of thousands of families in North Carolina to lose their opportunity at enjoying educational equality and a free and fair shot at success. It’s part and parcel of the Kochs’ ideology to dismantle public service generally.

Watch the video, then take action.

Call David Koch at his Manhattan office at 212-319-1100 and tell him to “stop funding school resegregation now.”

We can’t let the Koch brothers ruin an equal opportunity for all. We’ve partnered with the Advancement Project, People for the American Way, Center for Social Inclusion and African American Ministers in Action to take action and spread this important investigation around.

<a title="Jim Crow laws" href="mailto:?subject=I watched this video and I want you to call David Koch&body=I saw this video investigation into why the Koch brothers are trying to end public education and how their wealth winds up in the hands of Jim Crow. Watch the video, then call David Koch at 212-319-1100 and tell him to stop funding resegregation now. Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/2mbJhjCbwo8“>You can forward our video to a friend by clicking here.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Foundation team


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