Press Release – #OpFeedTheHomeless

17 Aug
Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology...

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Fellow Anon & citizens of the world,

The main stream media has been portraying Anonymous as cyber & domestic terrorists

& we are tired of being wrongly accused by the same media and Governments who have

participated in many if not all flag operations and attacks on the innocence.

Not all Anonymous are hactivists. Many of us are activists with the voice for the

voiceless. Push the wrong buttons and we will exploit what needs to be released to the public.

That doesn’t mean we condone publications of personal information of innocent bystanders.

That is not what Anonymous believes in or follows. We are here for the people, to share

to the world the fallacies’ that our governments’ Love to entertain us with.

#opFeedTheHomeless & #opMeetAndGreet is in FULL affect for the 27th of August. We

will be handing food to the less fortunate and poor as well as greeting the very people that are

trying to make ends meet in order to survive.

We call all Anon and residents of the world to join us worldwide as we reach out to our

brothers and sisters and show them that WE do CARE.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect



[img src: & ]

Pentagon to cut pensions for veterans (18 Aug, 2011)

Army Suicide Rate Hits New High (12 Aug, 2011)

What goes through you mind?

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