Weigh in for Workers’ Rights

17 Aug

Great news! The NLRB—the independent agency responsible for enforcing labor law—has proposed new rules to start cleaning up the broken, loophole-ridden union election system that gives employers the opportunity to harass, intimidate and even fire workers trying to have a union at work. 


Right now, the NLRB is accepting public comments about the new rule. Can you let the NLRB members know workers are counting on them to help level the playing field?


Act now: Support the NLRB’s commonsense rule to help level the playing field for workers.


The proposed new rule is a great start in leveling the playing field for workers who want to vote to form a union. It would clean up the elections in some commonsense ways—cutting back on delaying tactics, closing loopholes, reducing unnecessary and costly litigation and standardizing procedures throughout the country.  


Unfortunately, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and anti-worker front groups are urging employers to send in tons of opposition messages. 


Tell the NLRB you support the rule to level the playing field so workers can decide for themselves whether to form a union.


Greedy CEOs have fought for years to chip away at workers’ fundamental rights. They hire armies of lawyers and consultants to stretch loopholes to the limit and deny fairness to workers. 


But we still can win. We might not have as much money as corporate America. But we have real people power. It’s up to us to make sure the voices of working families are heard in this debate.


In Solidarity,


Manny Herrmann
Online Mobilization Coordinator, AFL-CIO


P.S. The CEOs and the politicians they put in office are used to getting their way. So now that some modest steps in the right direction are on the table, greedy CEOs have started attacking the National Labor Relations Board in Congress. The NLRB is an independent agency created to protect workers’ rights—and we need to protect its independence. 

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