Hurricane Irene

25 Aug
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Short Tips to Prepare for Hurricane.

This hurricane is going to affect more than 50 million americans along the east coast, you should be ready. 

A storm like this hasn’t affected as many people in more than 20 years.  Hurricanes are storms thatcome with a lot of rain and dangerous winds.


The thing you will have to be doing to prepare right now is to remove anything outside that could become a projectile; branches, toys, out-door decoration.

You are going to want to board up your windows, as an extra step of protection you could put tape on the windows, in case the window glass shatters. The best way to do this is to make diagonal lines of tape on the window.

If you live in the city remove objects/ items from the balcony which could be blown by the wind. Your local city should provide sandbags to protect your household/business entrance, if you live in low-lying areas.


Follow instruction by local officials to evacuate. If you don’t think it is safe to stay in you home, there should be shelters available in which to be safe. Take you medicines,  documents, and somthing to keep you busy(book, ipod, board game).


Protect your important papers and documents, put them in a ziplock bags.



Watch out for tornadoes Hurricanes will usually come along shore with an increased for creation of tornadoes, keep that in mind.

Light will go out during the storm, so consider that and have flash lights available, and don’t forget the batteries!!!

If there is lightning, try to disconnect appliances like compute or tv because there could be lighting that could affect the wires and affect your equipment. 

You should have a battery radio in case energy is lost to keep up with information

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