Let Big Oil/Coal Pay for Hurricane Damage

31 Aug
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Take oil and gas subsidies to pay for disaster cleanup.


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Our government is dumping tens of billions of dollars into subsidies for hugely profitable fossil fuel corporations and unsafe nuclear power, not to mention on cleaning up these companies’ spills, and wars in oil-rich countries.


Tell Congress to fund hurricane and earthquake relief by ending these subsidies.


Government welfare for oil, gas, coal, and nuclear should be eliminated entirely.  If cuts are to be made to reduce the national debt, they should begin with these kinds of subsidies, rather than in useful programs that serve people.


Evidence is growing that fossil fuel industries exacerbate many so-called natural disasters.  Until we can tax those industries to pay for their damage, the least we can do is end their dependence on welfare.


Cut fossil fuel and nuke subsidies to pay for disaster clean up.


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Aimee, David, Sarah
and the RootsAction team

P.S. Our small staff is supported by contributions from people like you; your donations are greatly appreciated.


New major hurricane possible by weekend

Cantor: Hurricane Disaster Relief Will Have To Be Offset With Program Cuts (VIDEO)
Photos and video of hurricane damage

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