President Obama Address on Job Creation

7 Sep

Beware of any “jobs” plan that involves firing public employees to give billions in taxpayer handouts to multinational corporations. And beware of any “tax reform” that involves cutting arbitrary top rates for corporations who already pay 0% while raising taxes on poor folks.

Here’s a novel concept– how about we just create some jobs and tax the tricksters on Wall Street to do it? Like and share this if you agree.

More for Them, Less for You


What would you say to a family financial adviser who suggested your wisest investment would be to liquidate your own retirement account and empty out your kids’ college fund tobuy your wealthy cousin a new Bentley? Would you go ahead and gamble with your life savings in hopes that your cousin would send you a big thank-you check, or would you hire a new financial adviser?


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Where will you be September 17?


We are hearing about anti-Big Banks actions around the world popping up in solidarity with #OccupyWall Street. Is it time for a sit-in or sleep-in in your city? 


Chime in below, and tell us what you’re planning and if you have experience occupying public spaces!


Occupy Wall Street will lay siege to U.S. greed


By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

On Sept. 17, the Arab Spring becomes the new American Fall, with 20,000 revolutionaries in a tent city. Plus “solidarity” occupations in major financial centers worldwide, all ready for a long siege, vowing not to leave till they get their “one simple demand.”

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