No More Drug War Spending

14 Sep
Drug Policy Alliance

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Drug war spending continues to rise as the government continues implementing the failed policies of the war on drugs. Now is our chance to demand that Congress stop wasting money on this catastrophe!

Recently, Congress was charged with cutting at least $1.5 trillion in government spending. That’s why you need to write your representative today and show your support for cutting drug war funding.

Every year, the government spends at least $50 billion on the war on drugs with little to show for it. Drug war programs have filled prisons, diverted law enforcement from focusing on serious crimes, and violated civil and human rights here and abroad. The vast majority of Americans derive no benefit from these wasteful programs but they are sustained by powerful vested interests that profit off the drug war boondoggle.

Tell Congress that we’ve reached the drug war debt-ceiling and to eliminate expensive, ineffective, unaccountable drug war programs.

Let’s start by calling for funding cuts to the DEA. Nixon started the DEA right after he declared the war on drugs, and it represents all that’s wrong with the drug war. It’s a law enforcement approach to a public health problem – and it costs taxpayers over $2 billion each year. The DEA should not be in the business of determining which drugs are medicines and blocking scientific research.

In this era of debt, deficits and budget cuts, let’s demand: no more spending on counterproductive drug war programs like the DEA. No more wasting money putting nonviolent drug users behind bars. No more spending on drug policies that don’t work and put the public in harm’s way. Tell Congress: No more drug war spending.

Thank you for your support.


Bill Piper
Director, Office of National Affairs
Drug Policy Alliance



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