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14 Sep
Help end the school-to-prison pipeline in Texas View online | Forward

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Act now, Texas youth are counting on us

Dear ACLU of Texas Supporter,
As the new school year begins, we are excited about the progress that has been made toward sealing off the school-to-prison pipeline in Texas.
Working with our coalition partners and allies at the State Capitol, we helped pass bills that will reduce the number of children issued criminal tickets for engaging in childish misbehavior at school or for truancy. We modified the definition of an expulsion offense that has been used to disproportionately punish students of color and special education students. And, we ensured that parents, not school officials, have the right to determine if corporal punishment can be used on their children.
Tell legislators to learn new ways to keep Texas youth in school and out of prison.
The Council of State Governments Justice Center recently released a report, Breaking Schools’ Rules, that shows us that there is still a lot of work to do! Take a look at what’s still happening in Texas schools:

  • School administrators over-rely on suspension and expulsion even when less drastic disciplinary measures are available.
  • Current school discipline is counterproductive. Instead of preventing youth from dropping out, it has led to an unacceptable number of dropouts.
  • Students of color and special education students are disproportionately disciplined. The more often a student is disciplined at school, the more likely that student will drop out.
  • 75% of African-American students (83% for males) between seventh and twelfth grades were involved in the school disciplinary system, compared to 64.8% for Hispanics and 46.9% for whites.
  • Nearly all of the suspensions or expulsions of special education students (98.1%) resulted from a discretionary decision by a school official—not a mandatory removal under state law.

Your senator can conduct an interim study to gain insight into disciplinary alternatives that keep children in school through school-based interventions like counseling and positive reinforcement for good behavior. These approaches are proven to yield better outcomes for youth.
Want to help end the school-to-prison pipeline in Texas? Take action: ask your senator to study the impact of school discipline on Texas youth.
ACLU of Texas

Youth Rights Tell your state senator to take positive steps to end the school-to-prison pipeline in Texas — between now and the next legislative session.
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