“I’d rather have a dead son than a gay son”

28 Sep


Eleonora lost her son a year ago, part of an escalating wave of hate crimes in Brazil.

Stand with Eleonora and a new movement of “Equality Moms” who are challenging the hate

I’d rather have a dead son than a gay son.”
My name is Eleonora Peireira, and I still can’t get those words out of my head. Spoken recently by a member of Congress in Brazil, where I live, they made me think of my son, Jose Ricardo, who was gay and killed a year ago because of who he was. Those spiteful words, defended as an appeal to Brazil’s “family values” have made me feel so angry and so alone – until now.
In recent months, something incredible has happened. With the help of All Out, mothers from all over Brazil are coming together and speaking out against the violence that has made Brazil one of the most dangerous places in the world to be gay or transgender. We are calling ourselves: the Equality Moms.


Tomorrow—September 29—I’m joining over a dozen other moms in the capital, to demand that our Congress support a proposed Anti-Homophobia bill that would finally protect ALL Brazilians from violence and discrimination.  We’ll be telling the government, and our society: equality is the true family valueWe’ll be delivering a letter asking leaders all over Brazil to take action – starting at Congress this Thursday. Will you stand by our side and sign on in support?
Our movement of “Equality Moms” is spreading all over Brazil—and not just Moms of LGBT people. Homophobia and hate speech are getting so out of control that it’s now impacting all Brazilians. In the last few months a father and son were brutally attacked after being confused for a gay couple, a straight man was killed when defending a gay man from a brutal assault, and just last week a young woman was chased, and shot at, by men who confused her for a trans woman.
We moms know a thing or two about taking care of our families! That’s why next week we’re going to congress to tell our leaders to stop delaying action, and start working together NOW to stop the violence, and to take care of ALL of Brazil’s families. I am so honored to be joining my voice with so many incredible Moms in telling our leaders, and fellow Brazilians, that equality is the true family value.  


To meet other members of our “Equality Moms” campaign, and to show your support as we prepare to speak out in Congress, please click here, and share with your friends, and of course—your Moms:
Our visit to Congress is only the beginning. In the months to come we’ll be on the streets and the airwaves, in classrooms and around kitchen tables, sharing our stories and working together as “Equality Moms” in this campaign to end violence, prejudice and discrimination. I’m doing this for my son Jose Ricardo, and in the hopes that together, we can keep pushing Brazil to be a country that celebrates diversity AND full equality.
Eleonora Pereira, Equality Moms from all corners of Brazil, and our friends at All Out.




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