Urgent Message to the world. #occupywallstreet #p2

30 Sep

Some food for thought.




I love the idea of the general assembly, is more like a direct democracy where everyone participates in decision making. The leader our our movement is not an individual it is the people, we are all equal and can come a consensus.

At these assemblies we need to CONSIDER changes to our whole socioeconomic system, the whole of society.

Currently we are INDOCTRINATED with the concept of a monetary system and democracy. We have look at the outcomes of other socioeconomic system, (facism, socialism, and capitalism and all those other -ism’s; DO THEY WORK?) We can start from scratch look at what works, what fixes our problem, what improves our live.

We should to be open minded to new ideas. Nobody is perfect or know everything there is to know. If you believe in god only god is perfect, if you don’t know well you most likely know no one is perfect.

Consider a DIRECT DEMOCRACY, where voters vote directly for legislation. Remove politicians.Politicians have their own opinions, they are not technicians they can’t fix problems like hunger and crime. They require the knowledge and expertise of other who can.  We don’t even vote for the president, the electorate college does! At this time we know politicians are not representing the people but corporations. Whomeever has the A LOT of cash can ‘persuade’ (lobby) politicians to do their bidding.

The monetary system only creates, Social stratification (class i.e. lower middle and upper ), technological paralysis (limited technology), corruption, power and wealth consolidation (wealth gap),  labor abuse (exploitation), covert form of government dictatorship (rich rolling elite). Not to mention greed, greed, corruption, bigotry,  hate.

Currently we ask how much does it cost for a project or piece of legislation, the question should be do we have the resources. Today we have resources to house feed and educate everyone. (i.e. we can feed everyone we have the technology; check out vertical farming and hypo tonics, technology which could produce an ABUNDANT amount of healthy food.) (i.e. if we harnessed the many forms of alternative renewable resources at a much more EFFICIENT rate we would certainly be able to do without oil and gas and without ANY POLLUTION, NONE.) <<< (Technology i.e. science in application solves our problems: heater to warm building,  AC to cool rooms, light bulb for artificial light, MEDICINE, etc )

Enter a resource based economy.

In a monetary system in which the ultimate is goal is profit people can’t afford be ethical, produce abundance, be efficient or sustainable. (i.e. a sales person won’t tell you that their product is bad, even if it is. they won’t tell you of a better product even if they know there is because if they do they loose your business. PROFIT) (You cant trust a doctor because if he tells you he needs to take out a kidney you don’t know if he needs to charge for that to pay for his yacht or you really need to have your kidney remove)

Abundance, Efficiency, and sustainability decrease profit; SCARCITY increase profit. Scarcity, keeping products valuable. Sustainability and abundance don’t work in a monetary system.

Please be part of the movement, visit http://october2011.org/ & http://www.occupytogether.org/

What goes through you mind?

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