Victory Against Koch Brothers

14 Oct



Thanks to your support, I am happy to share two recent victories for the Koch Brothers Exposed campaign.

The video investigation “Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education?” revealed how the Koch Brothers, through the think tanks and front groups they fund, were able to support an insurgent school board majority that favored resegregating public schools. The Koch supported candidates described their plans as “neighborhood schools,” which we rightfully exposed as the old language of Jim Crow and segregationist Gov. George Wallace.

North Carolina voters headed to the polls Oct. 11 and defeated school board candidates sympathetic to the Koch Brothers and school resegregation. This is great news for the hundreds of thousands of families who were threatened by the Koch Brothers’ influence in their community. We are grateful for the part you played in the tremendous victory for this community as well as a larger victory for democracy that works for everyone, not just the wealthiest 1%.

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Our second victory comes after the release of “EXPOSED: Koch Industries and Cancer Risks.” Through our webpage, more than 2,400 people left comments to show solidarity with Mr. Bouie and his neighbors, who have been tragically afflicted by Koch Industries. Mr. Bouie along with Cheryl Slavant of Louisiana Environmental Action Network will confront the Koch brothers with the thousands of messages posted by activists. With communities like West Crossett dying, we can no longer afford to let the Kochs buy their way out of environmental responsibility. Your support, coupled with unprecedented press coverage, is putting pressure on the Koch Brothers and policy makers who can make this right.

See our work discussed on The Young Turks with host Cenk Uygur.

These two videos have garnered more than 113,000 views. Our impact would not be possible without your dedication to this investigation. See how you are shifting the narrative by checking out other press from this release.

Thanks for everything you do to protect democracy,
Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Foundation team


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