Today Wall Street. Tomorrow the board rooms.

18 Oct
105 US cities occupied. 1500 MeetUps around the world. 50,000 people in the streets of New York and tens of thousands more in cities across the country. Wall Street occupied continuously for one month.
Occupy Wall Street has struck a deep chord with ordinary people around the world and changed our idea of what we, the people, can accomplish by doing one simple thing: bearing witness on the very doorstep of those responsible for the global economic crisis.
But despite our growing strength, the Wall Street CEO’s and their cronies who crashed our economy still act like they can ignore us. So we’re aiming our voices directly at the people who caused this global crisis by filling up their inboxes with stories of how their recklessness affected our lives.
Click here to Occupy the Boardroom by sharing your Other 98% story with the executives at Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.
Occupy Wall Street has allowed us to stand up and point out, loudly and powerfully, how the greed of the 1% has trumped the need of the 99%. So while hundreds of thousands of people around the world take action in the streets, we are joining dozens of netroots groups like Jobs With Justice, Crooks & Liars and Rebuild The American Dream by virtually Occupying the Board Rooms and filling up the inboxes of the ultra-rich with the stories of the other 98%.
Click here to join our effort to Occupy The Board Room.
This is our moment. Let’s seize it.Best,
The Other 98% Team
P.S. We’re collecting all the stories submitted by OccupytheBoardroom activists on this blog. After you submit yours be sure to check back and find it.

The Other 98% is making democracy work for the rest of us. Like what we do? You can donate to support this movement right now.
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