Tell Chevron and GM to stop sponsoring hate speech on the radio!

26 Oct


The John & Ken show on KFI (AM 640) is hate radio. The language used on the show, recently attacking the Latino community, is on par with that of Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, and it reaches over a million listeners each week. As with most radio shows, John & Ken’s substantial paychecks are funded by the advertisers who buy time on KFI, like GM Cadillac and Chevron.


On September 1st, John & Ken gave out the personal phone number of DREAM Act supporter Jorge-Mario Cabrera and urged listeners to contact him. Jorge-Mario received close to 500 calls with many of the callers repeating John and Ken’s exact words, and then wished death upon Mr. Cabrera and/or threatened his life and his physical safety.


Watch the video and hear a sample of what he heard (WARNING: Explicit Language)


This is the direct result of how John & Ken talk about people they disagree with, particularly Latinos. And every day advertisers pay to keep this toxic rhetoric on the air. GM and Chevron are now aware of this but they still refuse to take their advertising dollars out.


Sign the petition demanding they stop sponsoring hate! Yours,
Axel Caballero and the Cuéntame team.
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