Disturbing News

1 Nov

According to press reports, Democrats on Congress’s debt reduction “super committee” proposed hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits, as well as Medicaid, while Republicans proposed even bigger and more harmful cuts to these essential middle-class benefits.

  AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka recorded a video message to fill you in on what’s happening and what you can do. Please watch right away.

Watch Now

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The debt reduction “super committee” that’s considering these cuts is no ordinary congressional committee. It is empowered by law to propose legislation that cannot be amended and can be rammed through Congress quickly, with minimal debate. That’s why we need you to get your friends involved.

Once you’ve watched President Trumka’s video, be sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and family.

And stay alert. We may soon need you to take action to save the middle class. Hours or even minutes could matter. We are the 99%, and Congress needs to represent us. It’s that simple.

In Solidarity,

Manny Herrmann
Online Mobilization Coordinator, AFL-CIO

To find out more about the AFL-CIO, please visit our website at www.aflcio.org.

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