ISMAEL your help is defeating the Koch brothers

1 Nov

Charles and David Koch support resegregating public schools, attacking Social Security, and permitting cancer causing emissions that hurt communities. We’re exposing their greedy ideology and now we’re preparing an investigation into their influence on state legislatures.

Will you help us connect the dots again for our next video about the Koch brothers’ support of state voter suppression laws?

Most recently, we traveled to Crossett, Arkansas and told stories about a community that’s suffering devestating loses while the Koch brothers profit. The generosity of our donor community allowed us to capture these previously unseen experiences and share them across the globe so that people could take action.

Through our Koch Brothers Exposed campaign, millions of Americans have become aware of the Koch brothers’ influence and they’re fighting back.

 Our campaign has earned more than 520,000 video views on YouTube, and 5,000 activists submitted comments the people of Crossett can personally deliver to the Koch brothers.

Our latest video was broadcast on KPFK radio and was written about everywhere from the Huffington Post to the Nation to Blue Arkansas. These and other press links are below.

We can’t defeat the Kochs without your help. Don’t let these 1 percenters suppress voters.


The Ed Schultz Show: Koch Brothers and Cancer in Arkansas

Huffington Post: Koch-Owned Georgia-Pacific Plant Linked To High Cancer Rates, Film Alleges

AlterNet: New Film Exposes Connection Between the Kochs and a Small Community Dying of Cancer
Greenpeace: Suffering in the Shadow of Koch’s Dangerous Chemical Plants

Think Progress: Film Alleges Koch Industries’ Dumping of Toxic Chemicals is Killing People in Arkansas

The Nation: The Kochs and Cancer In A Small Town

KPFK Background Briefing: Ian Masters interviews Robert Greenwald

The Young Turks: Koch Brothers Exposed for Cancer Causing Pollution

Thom Hartmann The Big Picture: Koch connection to cancer deaths?

The Thom Hartmann Program: Killer Koch Cancer Connection

Blue Arkansas: Koch Industries Gave Thousands To Mike Ross While Poisoning His Constituents

FireDogLake: Film Shows Epidemic of Cancer Downstream from Koch Industries Plant in Arkansas

Facing South (N.C.) Koch Industries plant linked to cancer epidemic in Arkansas community (video)

The Raw Story: Film exposes cancer epidemic downstream from Koch Industries plant

DeSmogBlog: Koch Brothers Exposed: Cancer Risk In Crossett Arkansas Blamed On Georgia Pacific

See the video here.
Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Foundation team

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