Spead the word to Walmart workers #p2 #union

1 Nov
Making Change at Walmart

It’s time for us to stand with the growing organization of, by and for Walmart associates: the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart)!

Will you visit a local Walmart this week and give this flier to all the associates you can? Please only speak to associates when they are on their breaks and do not interrupt their work.

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, announced last week it would be making dramatic cuts to the health care options it provides to associates. Premiums are going up by 20-60% for full time associates and new part timers (less than 24 hours a week) won’t be eligible for coverage at all. But Making Change at Walmart supporters and OUR Walmart members are standing up and telling the company that this is the breaking point. Although Walmart associates have always made low wages, in the past year, they’ve seen their few benefits be cut significantly. Now they are saying “enough is enough.

Because of Walmart’s size, it sets standards for all American workers, which is why we need to stand with Walmart workers in their campaign to restore their benefits and improve standards at the company.

Would you be willing to share some important information with Walmart Associates in your area?

Download this flyer and visit a Walmart store today, Tuesday or Wednesday to speak directly to associates and share this information. Again, please only speak to associates who are on work breaks, always act politely and professionally, and do not disrupt the company’s business. You can ask them if they are interested in giving more fliers to additional co-workers.

The flyer includes information about an upcoming OUR Walmart telephone town hall that will provide associates information about the recent cuts, and how to take action to restore their benefits.

     You can also enter any contact info you might have for a Walmart Associate you know into the form at the following link, and we’ll contact them with this important information about Walmart’s health benefits cuts: http://makingchangeatwalmart.org/help/

The Making Change at Walmart campaign exists to promote a vision of respect and dignity at jobs that pay fairly and guarantee workers a voice.  Because of Walmart’s impact on our economy, it’s important that we directly support Walmart associates throughout the country. I hope you’ll join us this week in getting this information to associates. If you do, please send us an email at makingchange@ufcw.org and tell us which store you visited and how it went.

In Solidarity,

Kelly Pierce, UFCW Local 324

Member Organizer, Making Change at Walmart


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