President Obama: Say no or start over clean on Keystone XL

10 Nov
There’s lots of rumors coming out today that the State Department could be considering delaying or rerouting the Keystone XLPipeline. 

That’s not good enough. The fact remains: Rerouting and delaying the Keystone XL does not solve the problem; that the Tar Sandspipeline is a fuse to a massive carbon bomb. 

There is already more than enough evidence for the President and the State Department to simply declare that the Keystone XL pipeline is not in our national interest, stopping the project. That is what he should do. 

But if the game in Washington DCdoesn’t allow the President to take decisive action, then he clearly has the factual evidence and popular mandate to call for the State Department to start the review process from the beginning and conduct a fair, impartial review that takes into account global warming pollution and is free from the influence of lobbyists. 

I just signed a petition telling the President: “Say no, or start over clean.” Learn more and sign the petition here:

What goes through you mind?

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