The huge controversy in Alabama

17 Nov

This week, on NBC’s “Rock Center With Brian Williams,” reporter Kate Snow did a segment on what Williams called  the “huge controversy” in Alabamaover the passage of HB 56. I encourage you to find 15 minutes to watch this video as soon as possible.

Click here to watch

Snow’s report showed the dire impact HB 56 is having on Alabama’s Latinos, farmers and small businesses.

This was also the first national television interview Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has done on HB 56.  In the interview, Governor Bentley defended the law while saying that he doesn’t want to be “the face of an anti-immigrant sentiment.” (It might be a little too late for that.)

This segment did a terrific job capturing the devastation that our team is seeing every day on the ground in Alabama, affecting both immigrants and native Alabamians alike. It’s most definitely worth watching and I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.


Adam Luna
America’s Voice

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