Stop Senate War Agenda Today

28 Nov
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Block expansion of presidential power to make war and imprison.

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Today and tomorrow, the U.S. Senate is likely to consider a Defense Authorization Act that wastes $682.5 billion on war preparations and on wars including Afghanistan, where we killed six more children on Thanksgiving. 

The same bill adds dangerous new provisions that authorize presidents to launch numerous wars without  Congressional declaration and to indefinitely imprison U.S. citizens without charge.

Tell your senators to reform or defeat this bill.

Senator Mark Udall of Colorado will introduce an amendment stripping out the expanded war and imprisonment powers.

Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon has introduced an amendment that would ask President Obama to stop waging war in Afghanistan more quickly than December 2014.

Tell your senators to support these two amendments.

David, Aimee, Sarah
and the RootsAction Team

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Sen Udall of Colorado Plans to Propose Amendment Stripping War and Imprisonment Abuses Out of Defense Authorization Act

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