Jobs for the 99 percent

7 Dec
I Am USAction
Jobs for the 99%


Are You A Jobs Voter?
I will vote for candidates who stand up to the 1% and work to deliver jobs for the 99%.

Sign here

Thousands of 99% protesters are in Washington, D.C. this week to Take Back the Capitol. Yesterday we swarmed congressional offices all over Capitol Hill. Hundreds of jobless workers and their supporters told powerful stories of why the 99% need JOBS not cuts.1


Today we’re taking on the corporate lobbying firms of the 1% to hold them accountable for polluting our political system and rigging the economy against the 99%.


Will you stand in solidarity with the thousands protesting in D.C this week? Sign here to say: “I’ll be voting for candidates who stand up to the 1% and work to deliver jobs for the 99%”.


Tomorrow we’ll march to the Capitol to call for justice for the 99%, and demand Congress to act immediately to extend unemployment benefits.


The People’s Camp on the National Mall we built for Take Back the Capitol will come down on Friday, as the 99% activists head back home to their families and friends.


But they will take this fight home to their districts because it’s time to be louder.


It’s time to put members of Congress and the 1% on notice that the U.S. Capitol is the People’s House, and they must represent the 99% or they will be replaced. Stand in solidarity today and tell your friends to sign too.


Ross Wallen


1. Washington Post: ‘Take Back the Capitol’ protesters swarm congressional offices –


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