Flying Cars in 2012!!!

10 Jan

Sometimes I wonder: will we ever have options for cleaner cars that are also affordable and fun to drive? Luckily, the answer from UCS engineers is: Yes, we will—and soon! Two recent events have shifted the future of the automobile into high gear. In November, the Obama administration proposed strengthened fuel efficiency and global warming emissions standards for cars and light trucks. The state of California followed with a suite of policies designed to foster the development of cleaner gasoline vehicles and electric car technology—for California and the nation. These two major steps are critical to putting the automobile industry on a course to develop the next generation of cleaner cars in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges—saving consumers money, curbing global warming emissions, and reducing our dependence on oil. —Karla (Unionf of Concerned Scientist)

Science in Action

Support strong, national clean car standards
The Obama administration is preparing to finalize rules that will nearly double fuel efficiency and cut emissions in half for new cars and trucks by 2025—but they’re not a done deal yet. Automakers and their allies are working behind the scenes to weaken or undermine the standards. Submit a comment today in support of cleaner cars.

 Hurry, the comment period ends soon! 

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