Thank you for Making #Occupy Koch Town a success!

5 Mar

Email from NationofChange

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Dear NationofChange Staff, Readers and Supporters of ‘Occupy Koch Town!’,

Your support enabled our efforts to ‘Occupy Koch Town!’ to be very successful! In part because of your generous financial assistance, we were able to meet in a highly visible old landmark, the Grand Chapel, within marching distance of 3 high visibility locations targeted for our effort to ‘call out’ the Kochs, expose them and help raise public awareness on their operational home-turf, home of the propagation of their ultra conservative and ideological agendas, their hometown, Wichita, Kansas!

The first half-day ‘Occupy Koch Town!’ welcomed guests and sent them off to their choice of a teach-in held on the WSU campus, featuring the latest documentary on climate change and sustainability eloquently titled ‘Deep Green’, with discussion led by the producer/filmmaker, Matt Briggs, Portland Oregon, or a direct action on designated corners for rush hour in downtown, ‘Old Town’, Wichita. Our main day, Saturday, was full of topics with guest speakers and teach-ins along with a highly creative and energizing ‘Grand March’, full of fun and very effective street theater, where a smaller amount of your funds were also used on materials and supplies.

Because of the high-visibility and excellent location of the venue, we were able to secure—with your help, our ‘Grand March’ route which was a reasonable march of about 1 ¼ miles, round trip, with the first and most significant stop to our ‘Expose Koch’ action being the Kansas Policy Institute, the brothers’ largely funded and personally owned think-tank. We, then, made 2 other high-profile stops along the way, the first of these was the local branch of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the 3rd and final stop for the ‘Grand March’ was at Bank of America. We arrived back at the Grand Chapel exhausted, but ready to finish the day after a little rest listening to our guest speaker on food, water, pipeline and climate change issues.

Your support enabled the feeding of many Occupiers and others attending from other organizations that we aligned with. There were Occupants and our allies from both coasts, including Occupy Wall Street/NYC, and numerous locations across the Midwest, from 10 different states and 45 cities, for an event spanning 3 days. Your kind donations also helped us with a direct action feeding outreach supporting an interfaith ministries housing and feeding effort on behalf of Wichita’s homeless.

Our final action was on Sunday, our 3rd day of ‘Occupying Koch Town’, after a picnic lunch/brunch meal, that your donations helped fund, along with a local area renewable energy clubs’ demonstration, as the final of our many educational teach-ins. After we gathered for a large General Assembly to decide what our direct action should be for that day, we then mustered in the public park where we’d gathered for our weekend’s ‘Occupy Koch Town!’ grand finale to our effort and intent to put on notice, expose and confront the Koch brothers! As decided in General Assembly, we marched for about a 2 mile round trip to Koch Industries, where counter protesters were waiting for us, along with heavy police surveillance, mounted police, and even CIA/FBI! There was, however, a very surprising outcome to this final direct action! We were well prepared to keep ourselves non-violent, ‘in check’ and channel our appropriate distress with the Kochs into effective action! In the end, the counter-protestors, engaged with us in a very democratic General Assembly, after much back and forth, we all surprisingly found some points of agreement.

Your generous donations supported everything we did and we also hope to put together a documentary about ‘Occupy Koch Town!’ to use as an informational and teaching tool—we have not totally funded this last effort, but hope to raise even more money to finish it and sell our ‘Occupy Koch Town!’ mini-documentary to teach, help inspire and also show others about ‘Occupy Koch Town!’. We also hoped it could be utilized as a potential future fundraiser to help fund other also important actions and return actions to ‘Occupy Koch Town!’!

We in the Midwest thank you so much for your support—please continue watching for future actions to expose the Koch brothers and help keep the pressure up. You can know you helped us be very successful when we get excellent media coverage in the Kochs’ hometown that was mostly fair and balanced and at least, in part, got some of our message reported. For a last personal tidbit that will probably be worth triple your donation: we were told by one local television reporter that it was highly uncharacteristic for Charles Koch to actually answer the phone himself and speak to them! It seems that this, in the very beginning, in and of itself, was sweet success and acknowledgement to us! Mission Successful—the Kochs were rattled and ‘put on notice’ from the very first hours! Just not ‘Mission Accomplished’—not just yet, we have more work to do and hope you’ll come out and support us in the near future with your future physical and financial support!

Thank you, once again—from all Occupiers and all our allies across this beautiful country and in the Heartland—trying to ‘Expose the Kochs’ and set everything right for our democracy and the country!! Your help was critical to ‘Occupying Koch Town!’ and what was a first good step—but, not the final step to ‘close in on’ and ‘call out’ the Kochs’ agendas!! Please stay tuned!

In Solidarity,

M. Welch
Member Occupy Columbia, MO
Interfaith Care for Creation
Columbia Climate Change Coalition

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