Euro 2012 | Ukraine gets the red card.

5 Jun
I just signed a petition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, asking her to speak out against a proposed anti-gay law in Ukraine’s parliament right now. Ukraine is the host of the Euro 2012 (Europe‘s biggest football tournament) and because of recent human rights violationsand the proposed new law, French officials have already pulled out of attending.Merkel has said she will decide to boycott or not at the last minute – we want to make sure she knows about this new law, flying quietly under the radar, before she makes her decision.

As Ukraine’s key partner and European influencer, Germany has enormous influence over a proposed “special alliance” between Ukraine and the European Union. If we can convince Chancellor Angela Merkel to speak out, it will make headlines everywhere and pressure Yanukovychto finally denounce the laws in his Parliament that want to make saying “gay” illegal.

I signed a letter from Marcus Urban, Germany’s first openly gay pro football star. He’s delivering all our names in TWO DAYS, will you sign with me?

What goes through you mind?

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