The price of low prices at Walmart

3 Jul


Walmart is now officially way over the hill.
This week is Walmart’s 50th birthday. While the champagne may be flowing at Walmart HQ, for the rest of us, Walmart’s anniversary is hardly cause for celebration. There’s a real cost to those “low prices” Walmart promises — and our communities are paying the price.
Walmart lives and dies by its public image. So, to commemorate its 50th birthday, we created an infographic for you to share with your friends, to help spread the word that Walmart’s business model is bad news for our communities and our world.
walmart infographic
See Walmart’s impact on our communities, by viewing the infographic online (at a size you can actually read) and then share it with your friends
Walmart has an enormous impact on everything it does, from wiping out local jobs and making the Walton’s one of the wealthiest families on Earth to using as much energy each year as the bottom 57 countries combined. Walmart is patting itself on the back about how far it’s come, but these wild facts show how far the world’s largest retailer has to go to live up to its motto of “Live Better.”
After you’ve checked it out for yourself, help us spread the word about the real-world impact of a company relentlessly and ruthlessly focused on its bottom line, by sharing our graphic on Facebook or forwarding this email to your friends.
Click to share on FacebookThank you,
Kaytee, Claiborne, Taren and the rest of us


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