Urgent: Take Action by July 6 – TPP National Days of Action and AFL-CIO Fair Trade Petition to the President

3 Jul


Sign the AFL-CIO‘s petition being delivered to trade negotiators in San Diego

Hopkins, Minn.
Monday, July 9 * 10:00am
Meet at Cargill (9380 Excelsior Blvd)
RSVP on Facebook
For more info, call 952-818-5474


Johnstown, Penn.
Friday, July 6 * 5:00pm
Meet at Verizon (1255 Scalp Avenue)
For more info, email: amy@citizenstrade.org

Austin, Texas

Wednesday, July 4 * 2:30pm
State Capitol Building (1100 Congress St)
RSVP on Facebook
For more info, email: bobcash@citizenstrade.org


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has reached a critical stage in its negotiations — and we need you to take action in your community to ensure we aren’t saddled with a “NAFTA of the Pacific.”


Next week, negotiators and corporate lobbyists from throughout the Pacific Rim will be meeting in San Diego for a TPP summit aimed at reaching consensus on some of the pact’s most contentious issues: labor and the environment, financial deregulation, Internet freedom, government procurement, investor-state and more.


The outcome of these closed-door negotiations is likely to affect the economy, the environment and democracy itself for decades to come.  We need your help shining a spotlight on the TPP and putting pressure on trade negotiators and our elected officials.  Our demand is simple: NO BACK ROOM DEALS FOR THE 1%!

We’ve heard it before. Politicians and corporate CEOs promised us “free trade agreements,” like NAFTA, would create jobs and build the U.S. economy. But the reality has been very different from the rhetoric.

Our lopsided trade with China has led to the loss of nearly 2.8 million jobs since 2001—and NAFTA has cost us hundreds of thousands more. And while Wall Street and corporate greed drove our economy into a ditch, Big Business responded by increasing the mass exodus of jobs overseas1 and sitting on $1 trillion dollars in cash instead of hiring workers in this country.2

While working families are coming together to demand our leaders negotiate new trade policies to create and support good jobs in America and rebuild our nation, U.S. trade representatives are negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP FTA), which will be the biggest trade agreement in U.S. history.

To ensure this trade agreement works for working families and creates and protects jobs in the United States, we’re delivering an emergency petition from working families on July 8 in San Diego during the next round of the TPP FTA negotiations.

Please sign the petition to President Obama and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk to tell them to negotiate a trade policy that creates good jobs in the United States, ensures all levels of government can Buy American, protects workers’ rights and stops foreign corporations from skirting U.S. laws to help their bottom line.

You can help send that message by signing this petition from the AFL-CIO, which will be delivered to trade negotiators in San Diego.  It already has more than 18,000 signatures.  With your help, we can more than triple that before it is delivered.


I also ask that you take part in the TPP National Days of Action.  While labor, environmental, consumer, immigrant rights, family farm and Occupy activists demonstrate in San Diego, you can join in calling out the TPP’s back-room dealing making by participating in one of the actions listed to the right or by organizing one of your own.  


Organizing an event in your community is an easy 3-step process:

Step 1: Identify a local branch of one of the TPP’s “cleared corporate advisors.”  Popular choices include Wal-Mart, Chevron, Halliburton, FedEx, Verizon, Cargill and Caterpillar.

Step 2: Get some friends together to visit that office or store any time between now and Saturday, July 7.  It doesn’t matter how many people you bring along — the important thing is that you act.

Step 3: Make a sign that says: “USTR: NO BACK ROOM DEALS FOR THE 1%!”  Have your crew take pictures with the sign during your visit (trying to capture the corporation’s logo in the background).  Email the best photos to tppaction@citizenstrade.org by Saturday, July 7 and we’ll include them in a collage delivered to trade negotiators during a creative action in the final days of the San Diego negotiations.

If you feel inspired to do more than take photos, you’re welcome to deliver a letter to the branch manager about the TPP; hand out a flyer to passerby; use these talking points to hold a rally; draw connections between the TPP and local struggles; or do anything else that inspires you and your friends.  But please be sure to follow Step 3 and email us picturesto ensure that trade negotiators feel the heat from your action!


Six hundred corporate lobbyists have access to the TPP negotiating texts, while the American public is barred from even knowing what U.S. negotiators are proposing in our names.  That’s a recipe for another job-killing, environment-choking trade deal that benefits big corporations at the expense of the global majority.
One-hundred-thirty-three Members of Congress just sent a letterto the U.S. Trade Representative demanding greater public and Congressional oversight.  We need to build on that momentum  


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