QDEP Jenni Rivera

10 Dec

Though I wasn’t a big time fan of Jennie Rivera, I did appreciate her music and persona. As any other person I saw her several times on tv and heard her music in the radio.
She went through so many personal problems but she always moved on and stayed strong.

I especially had respect for her because I was aware that she had done work to promote youth and Latino civic engament.

As pointed out by VotoLatino in an email.

“A generous supporter of Latino youth empowerment initiatives, Jenni Rivera had been an active member of Voto Latino’s celebrity coalition and contributed multiple Radio PSA’s to the organization’s past voter registration and Census campaigns.
Jenni Rivera’s tragic passing is a loss not just to music fans and the Latino community, but to artist activists worldwide. From Ms. Rivera’s outspoken opposition to Arizona’s SB1070 legislation to her participation in Voto Latino’s youth-focused initiatives, the U.S. Latino community has lost an important advocate and role model.”

Her death on Sunday was very tragic and completely unexpected, this made her death more resounding. The different entertainment environment, with the use of social media by people and the press, has made this tragic death more known to more people and quicker. The reactions were to.

To my mind she is the first celebrity who dies and whose public reaction has been so huge in social media. She even had a twitter account herself.

My condolence to her family and may her legacy be continue to be remember by her fans.

What goes through you mind?

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