Did you hear the good news?

24 Jan
Following is originally from an email by Making Change WalMart Organization.
On Black Friday, you stood with Walmart workers as they went on strike and took bold action to fight against Walmart’s attempts to silence them.
It looks like we have Walmart’s attention!
Last week the company announced that it will provide the opportunity for its workers who want to work full-time to do so and will make schedules more transparent. Inconsistent scheduling and not giving workers the hours they need to get by have placed a huge burden on tens-of-thousands of Walmart workers nationwide. If done right, Walmart’s pledge could have a positive impact on many lives and set an example for other employers.
“I’m so happy and proud our hard work and action has paid off,” said Cindy Murray, a leader of the worker-led Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart). “We won these gains at my store and now we’re winning them across the country.”
This announcement comes as a huge victory in the lives of workers. These changes have been at the heart of OUR Walmart members’ calls since its creation and come on the heels of the largest nationwide strike Walmart had ever seen. Walmart’s response shows that together, we’re doing what many said was impossible – we are changing Walmart!
We hope that you will stand with us as we hold Walmart to this new commitment and continue to call for much needed changes in how the company treats workers throughout its supply chain.
In Solidarity,
Eddie Iny
Making Change at Walmart

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