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Voto Latino, Mi Familia Vota, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Latino Victory Project, Cosmo Latina, and more than 50 other Partners Launch Robust National Voter Registration Drive

15 Sep

#PowerOfOurVote Hispanic Heritage Month of Action campaign to deliver record Latino turnout
for 2014 Midterm Elections.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sept. 15, 2014 – Today, more than 50 partners are launching an online
voter registration campaign in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Our collective voice will
ensure elected officials no longer ignore us or the issues that impact the Latino community.
The campaign kick-off urges Latinos to register to vote and then take their families, neighbors,
and friends to the ballot box on Election Day, November 4. Only by exercising the power of their
vote, can the Latino community influence real policy changes.
The campaign will launch a national “Hispanic Heritage Month of Action” and will have three
main voter registration pushes: today (September 15), September 23 (National Voter
Registration Day), and October 15 (the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month). The initiative is
the first of its kind to mobilize Latinos during Hispanic Heritage Month and brings together
partners across all industries to put the needs of the Latino community above individual politics.
Hispanic Heritage Month of Action relies heavily on digital and social media assets, along with
ground components in key states, including outreach to young Latinos who have reached voting
age. The initiative is led online by Voto Latino, on the ground by Mi Familia Vota in key Latino
states, and nationally with partners, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, U.S.
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, ImpreMedia, Entravision, Liberman Broadcasting,
Cosmo Latina, Being Latino, Alliance for Citizenship, Latino Victory Project and others.*
Voto Latino Chairwoman Rosario Dawson, Voto Latino Artist Coalition co-Chairs America
Ferrera and Wilmer Valderrama, and Latino Victory Project co-founder Eva Longoria are also
lending their voices to the campaign, which runs through October 15, the last day of Hispanic
Heritage Month.
“We are calling American Latinos to rise above our political differences and to unite as a
community this November,” said María Teresa Kumar, President and CEO, Voto Latino. “Today
and for the next month, we will show that Latinos stand tall because we have pride in our
culture, and we recognize the power of our vote.”
Ben Monterroso, Executive Director, Mi Familia Vota, said the Latino community will not remain
silent after the political stalemate in Washington over immigration reform, because, “Latinos
understand that the only real way to impact our future is with a strong showing of our voting
power. We began the immigration debate with our record turnout in the 2012 election, and we
will continue fighting for our community and for immigration reform by voting.”
“Pride in our Latino culture includes pride in our Nation. As Americans, we are proud to exercise
our right to vote and elect officials who reflect the values of our communities. We stand with our
partners to mobilize our communities, register our family and friends, and ensure a path to
reach the polls on Election Day,” said Cristóbal Alex, President of the Latino Victory Project.
“Exercising our right to vote builds power in the Latino community so that the faces and voices
of Latinos are reflected at every level of government and in the policies that drive our country
More than 7.8 million Latinos are expected to vote this November, up from 6.6 million Latinos
who voted in the last midterm election in 2010, according to projections by National Association
of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO). The record Latino voter turnout in 2012
propelled immigration to the top of the policy agenda. Latino voters must be heard again to
create the political climate to find solutions for immigration, the economy, and other issues
important to the Latino community.

For more information about Hispanic Heritage Month of Action, visit or
find the voter registration toolkit at


About Texas Proposition 1 2014

27 Aug

Election Day is fast approaching and we encourage all citizens to
register to vote on November 4th. Seeing as, Hidalgo County citizens
will be given a chance to significantly affect the quality of
transportation in their community by being asked to vote on
Proposition 1, a proposed constitutional amendment to provide
reliable transportation funding to fix and maintain Texas roads
without increasing taxes, creating debt, or funding toll roads.
Texas is in need of $5 billion in additional funding for road creation
and maintenance. This amendment is expected to provide $1.6 billion
annually for the Texas Department of Transportation to update and
maintain infrastructure around the state. Hidalgo County is expected
to receive approximately $53 million of the annual revenue to be used
on “shovel-ready projects” or transportation projects that have
advanced to the stage where laborers may immediately be employed
to begin work. Thus, creating 50 new jobs for every $1 million spent.
As stated in various Texas infrastructure studies, by failing to invest
in transportation, citizens can expect to spend more time stuck in
traffic, witness an increase in pollution and accidents, spend more money on
needless car repairs, and find themselves making more stops at
the gas pump. Voting YES for Proposition 1!
With your help, more can be done so Texas roads keep
pace with our fast-growing population, job-creation, and economy.
Feel free to contact the HCMPO for more information at or call us at 956.969.5778.
Ballot Language: “The constitutional amendment providing for the
use and dedication of certain money transferred to the state highway
fund to assist in the completion of transportation construction,
maintenance, and rehabilitation projects, not to include toll roads.”

via HCMPO Fall Newsletter 2014 PDF:


26 Aug

Today August 26th on Women’s Equality Day, MomsRising and dozens of our partner organizations are taking to Twitter at using a new hashtag – #WEmatter – to help send Congress a wakeup call that #WEmatter, our votes matter, and we want elected officials to begin taking action on the issues that impact women’s and family economic security (#paidsickdays, #childcare, #paidfamilyleave, #equalpay, #raisethewage, #foodjustice, #gunsafety, and many more).


Help spread #WEmatter throughout the Twitterverse:

1. Tag 5 friends in a tweet using #WEmatter.
2. Tag a state or local organization with a “have you heard about #WEmatter?” tweet.
3. Search for #WEmatter on Twitter and retweet 5 of your favorite tweets.
4. Tweet 5 of the sample tweets that we send you.

There is an election right around the corner and that makes now the perfect time to make sure that our elected officials in Congress and beyond know that we matter and we will be holding them accountable when we vote. Women and family economic security issues are more than just political footballs and talking points. Our voices, and our votes, matter. #WEMatter.
And #WE(really)Matter! Women are 53% of the entire electorate [2] and we make 3/4 of all purchasing decisions in our consumer-fueled economy.
*Let’s put our elected officials on notice: Take action by signing on the moms open letter to Congress to remind them that #WEmatter and we vote. Hold our elected officials accountable by telling them that when we vote (and we do vote in large numbers!), we prioritize family economic security issues and we expect them to prioritize those issues too.
Sign the #WEmatter pledge.

Click here to sign now!


Introducing Project Loon

15 Jun

Project Loon: #Google want to use balloon-powered internet to cover the world in wifi. “Designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill in coverage gaps and bring people back online after disasters.” #tech


Tech Leaders Encourage Teaching Schoolkids How To Code

7 Jun


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