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Wow — he maced them again

30 Sep
He did it again.  Footage has emerged of a second macing of nonviolent protesters by NYPD officer Anthony Bologna (below).
The NYPD is claiming it’s going to investigate, but Commissioner Raymond Kelly is skeptical that Bologna did anything wrong!  He said of the footage of the incident: “In my experience, proponents of a certain position would show you just what they want to show you.”

We need to make sure the NYPD holds a legitimate investigation, and that this doesn’t just get swept under the rug like so many other instances of police abuse before it.
Will you click here to demand a complete investigation and any and all appropriate discplinary action and criminal prosecution?Thanks,
The Demand Progress Team
P.S. Let’s make sure this incident doesn’t get swept under the rug, like so much police abuse before it.  Will you urge your friends to sign on too?

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Police Officers Steals Food from Children’s Mouth Cops Hate the Poor and Hungry

8 Jul

Never trust police officers and know your rights:http://policecrimes.com/police.html Know your rights, never talk to police officers!


Six activist arrested in Orlando for Sharing food with the hungry. Two young children are being served as close to 20 police officers swarm in and arrest the food servers. This brings to total number of arrest for this horrendous crime up to 21 people in the last two weeks.


~credits video: http://youtube.com/OrlandoCopWatch




If you feel you have been abused by the police, you may learn how to file a police complaint here: http://policecrimes.com/police_complaint.html 


Police Crimes Forum http://policecrimes.com/forum


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