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My Voting Guide for Hidalgo

14 May

Symbol keep vote

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Early voting starts TODAY, Monday the 14th on to the 25th.

You may vote from 7am to 7pm at any one of the 25 polling places.

Information voting location is here for Hidalgo is here, http://bit.ly/JzPy9t

You should vote because you should care about the issue(s) health, education, economy, environment, immigration, religion, privacy, war, etc.

Who we vote for makes decision on these issues that affect us all.

Do you like paying taxes? Either way, the government spends you tax money, whether it be a little or a lot, the people who get elected help decide how it should spent?

You determines who gets elected to congress, which is in charge of coming up with the yearly budget and apportionment of state money. 

More information about voting in the RGV is here http://aactnow.org/


If you don’t know who to vote for, here are my selections for your consideration.

Some of the races apply only to the district I live on.

(Share it with people who don’t know who to vote for or just need information)


US Senator

Paul Sadler

The only candidate  who has held public office, Sadler experience consists of hist time in the Texas House from 1991 to 2003

Sadler, said in a political forum that he’d “taken the arrows” in office — even received death threats over his efforts to reform the state tax code.

 “I have more experience with tax codes than any other person in the U.S. Senate,” he said.



Member of Congress District 15

 Ruben Hinojosa

He is an incumbent who supports education and has experience.

He has worked for the betterment of our district. When the administration was prepared to compromise on the budget by cutting funding for college loans, he rallied others in Congress to refuse the deal and protected low-income students from losing an opportunity to get an education.


State Representative District 40

Agustin Hernandez

The best candidate is Agustin Hernandez, his reasoning for running and his proposals on his website are very convincing and well thought out.


As I was doing research for this I am looking these people up. I have met most of them, Mr Betancourt doesn’t even have a website or it is hard to find. Terry Canalez is an attorney with no real experience or valuable convincing reason being elected. Robert Pena has the experience,  he was in a school district and has been part of several business organizations, he would be the candidate that would most likely care for business interest most of all.


Referendum #1 – FOR


Any graduate of a Texas high school, who has lived in the state for at least three years and lived here continuously for the last year, should be eligible for in-state tuition at state supported colleges and universities and given the opportunity to earn legal status through a higher education or military service.


If these students did the work, made the grades, and have lived in Texas for a long time they should be able to go to college. When they graduate, they would become great additions to our state. If they are going to college they are not criminals. Education should be a universal right


Referendum #2 – FOR


Because a college education is increasingly necessary for jobs that allow our citizens to achieve middle class lifestyles and become the entrepreneurs who create the jobs that our economy relies on, we call on the Texas Legislature to fund colleges and universities such that tuition and fees can be affordable to all Texans.


Education is a social equalizer and helps people greatly increase their ability to progress. Students are graduating with greater amounts of debt.

The Texas legislature cut a lot of money to education last year in the 2011 congressional session.  Colleges have been affected; they have had to cut down the number of teacher and other areas of school which affects students.

We need to invest in our education to have better inventors, teachers, doctors, scientists, etc. That will bring progress to our state and country.



Referendum #3 – FOR


 Should the Texas Legislature allow the people of Texas to vote to legalize casino gambling with all funds generated being used only for education?


We need to keep the money in Texas, people gamble when they do they have to go spend all that money in Las Vegas or other locations, we should keep the money here.

The money needed to support our education system needs to come from somewhere and since corporations don’t want to pay taxes some institution must.

It absence of the Legislature’s willingness to provide needed income to the State, this is an alternative that should be acceptable.


Turnout and voter registration in Texas (by the numbers)



Global Debt (Recession)

19 Oct
European penny drops as more banks need more bailouts while the public debt clock ticks up to $40 trillion.  


View the global debt clock here: http://www.economist.com/content/global_debt_clock


The clock is ticking. Every second, it seems, someone in the world takes on more debt. The idea of a debt clock for an individual nation is familiar to anyone who has been to Times Square in New York, where the American public shortfall is revealed. Our clock shows the global figure for all (or almost all) government debts in dollar terms.

Does it matter? After all, world governments owe the money to their own citizens, not to the Martians. But the rising total is important for two reasons. First, when debt rises faster than economic output (as it has been doing in recent years), higher government debt implies more state interference in the economy and higher taxes in the future. Second, debt must be rolled over at regular intervals. This creates a recurring popularity test for individual governments, rather as reality TV show contestants face a public phone vote every week. Fail that vote, as the Greek government did in early 2010, and the country can be plunged into imminent crisis. So the higher the global government debt total, the greater the risk of fiscal crisis, and the bigger the economic impact such crises will have.

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

28 Sep

Hartmann: If Obama Doesn’t Want to Lead the Revolution – Young People Will


Anonymous: Occupy The Planet




This is the revolution that they – and even older Americans – hoped for when Barack Obama pledged to “fundamentally change the United States and the world” when he was elected President in 2008. But so far – this pledge has been unfulfilled. Turns out – Barack Obama was not that much of a revolutionary. But ultimately – it was never about him – it was about us – and in particular it was about the young people – because all revolutions – even Reagan‘s – don’t originate from one man – they originate from the people – from the bottom up. From Jefferson to Lincoln – and from FDR to Reagan – these men who presided over great changes in America didn’t create revolutions – they simply seized control of a nation pregnant with revolution and oversaw the transformation – and in some cases guided it. If President Obama discovers his inner revolutionary and steps forward with that voice and message and behavior, he’ll get re-elected – and then he will have to carry forward with a revolution. On the other hand, if President Obama doesn’t want to be a revolutionary – if he doesn’t want to take on the banksters – if he doesn’t take on and actually reverse Reagan’s counter-revolution – that’s fine – because the young people assembled in Manhattan – and all over the nation – will.
It’s already started…

Put War Profiteers on the Defensive

14 Sep
Click here to watch the video

  Help Us Buy the Politico Ad

It’s an all-out fight on Capitol Hill. Today, the new deficit committee holds its first meeting. Can you donate $15 to help us send a strong message to the war industry that we will fight their scheme to influence the deficit committee?
Military contractors including Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon created a front group called “Second To None” to pressure Congress to protect their massive revenues ($102.8 billion in 2010!) from cuts by the deficit commission. On Tuesday, they will stage a “march to the Hill.” These corporations already donated more than one million dollars to committee members. You can bet they’ll try to “cash in.” We need your support to combat Second To None’s influence.
If we raise $10,000 by Sunday, we’ll buy a full-page ad in Politico, a major Capitol Hill newspaper, getting Congress’s attention while throwing down the gauntlet to contractors and the Pentagon. Our new War Costscampaign will put these war profiteers on the defensive by running the ad the day before their “march,” getting our message out first. 

Remember: every billion dollars in war spending protected by the deficit committee costs us at least 3,200 jobs that would have created if that money were spent elsewhere. Help us tell Congress, “We need those jobs!” 

Please donate $15 to help us buy a full-page ad in Politico next week. We need your help to compete with the war industry’s 840+ lobbyists and campaign cash. We only have until Sunday to raise the money, so please contribute now! 

Derrick Crowe, Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Foundation team

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America Wants to Work

5 Aug


The only solution to our jobs crisis is a national jobs strategy.


Urge our political leaders and the media to bring just as much urgency to the task of creating jobs as they brought to the politically manufactured crisis over the debt ceiling.


Sign our “America Wants to Work” petition.

Dear [Internet Community],


The budget agreement Congress passed this week is a bad deal for our countryespecially working people. It will make it even harder to solve our country’s biggest crisis—the jobs crisis.


The AFL-CIO—and the entire labor movement along with our community partners and allies—is committed to putting people back to work. And we’re determined to protect and strengthen workers’ rights so people have the opportunity to get good jobs that provide a pathway to the middle class.


Will you add your voice to our petition and help shift our national debate?


Add your name to the “American Wants to Work” petition. We’ll deliver it to Congress, the White House and major media outlets.


Americans agree—we need jobs. When asked in a poll last week whether Congress and the president should focus on the federal budget deficit or jobs, 67 percent of the public said “jobs.”(1)


America needs to stop wasting time on manufactured political debates that will make our economy worse. According to economists, the recent deal to raise the debt ceiling will undermine economic growth and job creation across the board and make our fragile economy worse.(2)


Add your name to our “America Wants to Work” petition. It says: “America wants to work. It’s time to move on from manufactured crises and focus on jobs.


We need to demand politicians and major media outlets focus on our jobs crisis. And congressional Republicans in particular need to hear that message. Last November, they campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs. But then, they forced us to waste months on raising the debt ceiling—and finally forced a “solution” to the manufactured debt crisis that will destroy jobs.(1)


The only solution to our jobs crisis is a national jobs strategy.Outside of Washington, job creation is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Only in this topsy-turvy Alice in Wonderland place are long-term deficits more urgent than massive unemployment. We’re years into a jobs crisis with no end in sight. It’s time our leaders and the media started paying attention.


Urge our political leaders and the media to bring just as much urgency to the task of creating jobs as they brought to the politically manufactured crisis over the debt ceiling.


In Solidarity,


Richard L. Trumka
President, AFL-CIO


P.S. This August, when members of Congress get back home and away from the Washington, D.C., bubble, AFL-CIO working families activists will show up and demand they work to solve the jobs crisis. And we’ll keep demanding major media outlets cover the jobs crisis in America—and help them understand that we can’t cut our way to prosperity. Will you add your voice?


Click here to sign our petition. It says: “America wants to work. It’s time to move on from manufactured crises and focus on jobs.


(1) http://blog.aflcio.org/2011/07/28/poll-voters-rank-jobs-as-nations-top-priority


(2) http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/debt-ceiling-deal-risks-compromising-fragile-economic-growth/2011/08/01/gIQA9phUoI_story_1.html

To find out more about the AFL-CIO, please visit our website at www.aflcio.org.

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