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Dear Climate Deniers, You’re Ridiculous. Warmly, Bill Maher & Neil Degrasse Tyson, Esq.

3 Jul
p.s. It’s okay if you want to stop pretending you don’t believe in it anymore. Baby games sometimes get out of hand, no hard feelings. 

“Nature is telling us what we are here arguing about” Neil Tyson, in reference to the change of migration patterns of animals and early pollination of plants as a result of warmer weather, and effect from climate change

My Voting Guide for Hidalgo

14 May

Symbol keep vote

Symbol keep vote (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early voting starts TODAY, Monday the 14th on to the 25th.

You may vote from 7am to 7pm at any one of the 25 polling places.

Information voting location is here for Hidalgo is here, http://bit.ly/JzPy9t

You should vote because you should care about the issue(s) health, education, economy, environment, immigration, religion, privacy, war, etc.

Who we vote for makes decision on these issues that affect us all.

Do you like paying taxes? Either way, the government spends you tax money, whether it be a little or a lot, the people who get elected help decide how it should spent?

You determines who gets elected to congress, which is in charge of coming up with the yearly budget and apportionment of state money. 

More information about voting in the RGV is here http://aactnow.org/


If you don’t know who to vote for, here are my selections for your consideration.

Some of the races apply only to the district I live on.

(Share it with people who don’t know who to vote for or just need information)


US Senator

Paul Sadler

The only candidate  who has held public office, Sadler experience consists of hist time in the Texas House from 1991 to 2003

Sadler, said in a political forum that he’d “taken the arrows” in office — even received death threats over his efforts to reform the state tax code.

 “I have more experience with tax codes than any other person in the U.S. Senate,” he said.



Member of Congress District 15

 Ruben Hinojosa

He is an incumbent who supports education and has experience.

He has worked for the betterment of our district. When the administration was prepared to compromise on the budget by cutting funding for college loans, he rallied others in Congress to refuse the deal and protected low-income students from losing an opportunity to get an education.


State Representative District 40

Agustin Hernandez

The best candidate is Agustin Hernandez, his reasoning for running and his proposals on his website are very convincing and well thought out.


As I was doing research for this I am looking these people up. I have met most of them, Mr Betancourt doesn’t even have a website or it is hard to find. Terry Canalez is an attorney with no real experience or valuable convincing reason being elected. Robert Pena has the experience,  he was in a school district and has been part of several business organizations, he would be the candidate that would most likely care for business interest most of all.


Referendum #1 – FOR


Any graduate of a Texas high school, who has lived in the state for at least three years and lived here continuously for the last year, should be eligible for in-state tuition at state supported colleges and universities and given the opportunity to earn legal status through a higher education or military service.


If these students did the work, made the grades, and have lived in Texas for a long time they should be able to go to college. When they graduate, they would become great additions to our state. If they are going to college they are not criminals. Education should be a universal right


Referendum #2 – FOR


Because a college education is increasingly necessary for jobs that allow our citizens to achieve middle class lifestyles and become the entrepreneurs who create the jobs that our economy relies on, we call on the Texas Legislature to fund colleges and universities such that tuition and fees can be affordable to all Texans.


Education is a social equalizer and helps people greatly increase their ability to progress. Students are graduating with greater amounts of debt.

The Texas legislature cut a lot of money to education last year in the 2011 congressional session.  Colleges have been affected; they have had to cut down the number of teacher and other areas of school which affects students.

We need to invest in our education to have better inventors, teachers, doctors, scientists, etc. That will bring progress to our state and country.



Referendum #3 – FOR


 Should the Texas Legislature allow the people of Texas to vote to legalize casino gambling with all funds generated being used only for education?


We need to keep the money in Texas, people gamble when they do they have to go spend all that money in Las Vegas or other locations, we should keep the money here.

The money needed to support our education system needs to come from somewhere and since corporations don’t want to pay taxes some institution must.

It absence of the Legislature’s willingness to provide needed income to the State, this is an alternative that should be acceptable.


Turnout and voter registration in Texas (by the numbers)




18 Oct

“War, poverty, corruption, hunger, misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system. That is, there will be very little significant change. It’s going to take the redesign of our culture and values.”

Jacque Fresco

“Want to make a change, to save the world? Learn what needs to be saved, but more importantly…… what needs to change.” www.zeitgeistmovie.com

Tell Congress: Stop the radical assault on the environment

14 Sep

Dear Friend,

Congressional Republicans are making a sport of irresponsible attacks to undermine the environment and public health — attaching three dozen radical amendments that should have no place in the Department of Interior budget bill.

In July, when extremists crossed the line and tried to eradicate endangered species protections in this same bill, we helped build a public outcry that stopped the so-called “extinction rider.”

Now, we need another massive show of opposition. Our friends at the League of Conservation Voters are leading the fight against this outrageous bill. Please take action and send a message to your representative now.

Elijah Zarlin
Campaign Manager, CREDO Action

Tell Congress to reject the biggest assault ever on our air, water, lands and wildlife.

Dear Friend,


Tell Congress to reject the biggest assault ever on our air, water, lands & wildlife.

The House Republican leadership has just upped the ante on their already unprecedented assault on our nation’s bedrock environmental laws.

Earlier this summer, House Republican leaders and other pro-polluter lawmakers pushed a series of amendments to the Interior and Environment spending bill that represent the most egregious attack ever on our air, land, water and wildlife. Since the House of Representatives did not reach a final vote on this bill before departing for the August recess we must fight this horrendous legislation right away as members of Congress return to Washington this week.

And make no mistake: this is far and away the worst environmental bill ever. The spending bill contains more than three dozen anti-environment policy measures that have absolutely no place in a budget measure, won’t save the country a penny and are nothing more than giveaways to various special interest polluters.

Click here to e-mail your member of Congress. Tell them to reject this extreme assault on vital environmental safeguards that protect the air our children breathe and the water they drink.

The egregious policy provisions include measures that — if enacted into law — would threaten Americans‘ lives and well-being by blocking limits on harmful air pollution, increase pollution in sources of drinking water for 117 million Americans and threaten the iconic Grand Canyon with toxic pollution from uranium mining. And these are just a handful of the many dirty and dangerous provisions included in this legislation!

The cuts in this legislation would have a devastating impact on Americans’ health and environment. Those cuts include budget reductions of 18 percent for the EPA, 80 percent for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and 21 percent for the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Click here to e-mail your member of Congress. Tell them to reject this extreme legislation that is nothing more than a giveaway to Big Oil, Dirty Coal and other corporate polluters.

As if the underlying bill weren’t harmful enough, we expect members of Congress to offer anti-environmental amendments on the floor that would wreak even greater havoc on Americans’ health and environment and keep us dependent on expensive and dangerous energy sources.

Fortunately, President Obama has threatened to veto this harmful legislation, noting that a number of the measures in the bill are “ideological and political provisions that are beyond the scope of funding legislation.” However, we cannot afford to let House Republican leaders push this legislation without a fight. We must expose their extreme anti-environment efforts. Click here to e-mail your representative.

Thank you,
Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

© 2011 CREDO. All rights reserved.

peta2 E-News: Vegan Condoms, Cute Vegetarians, and FREE Hugs!

14 Sep
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A new PETA investigation reveals chronic, fatal neglect at a ferret factory farm that supplies animals to labs and pet stores. Thousands of ferrets are confined to filthy barns, where they suffer and die on a daily basis.



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Spotlight: This Week's Featured Action

Baby Ferrets Run Over, Stepped On, KILLED!

A new PETA investigation reveals chronic, fatal neglect at a ferret factory farm that supplies animals to labs and pet stores across the U.S. Take action now! [150 points]

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