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Twitter for organizations

27 Jan

40404 as an Alert system

A great feature of Twitter is their phone-text service.

Followers of organizations don’t need to have mobile Internet, and although it is might not believable there are still people without mobile Internet.

How does it work?

A prospective follower sends the following text,

follow @OccuyMcAllen

to 40404

Then any tweets sent out by @OccupyMcAllen will be received in followers in their mobile phone as texts.

This can be used to alert your followers of demonstrations, urgent petitions, meetings, and important news.

If a follower want to turn of text notification they only have to send


to 40404

Users can also open a twitter account by following instructions from twitter via 40404 number
Be considerate of your followers by not sending out to many tweets at the same time

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